Varun Dhawan revealed an incident when he got scolded by Sania Mirza’s mother for getting an apple for her | Hindi Movie News

‘Bhediya’ is Varun Dhawan’s next film, and he is currently promoting it alongside Kriti Sanon. The actor was in the UAE to promote his latest film. Varun disclosed the size of his first payment in an interview, as well as admitting that he had a massive crush on Sania Mirza. His initial encounter with her, on the other hand, did not go smoothly.

In an interview with Curly Tales Middle East, Varun was asked to describe his first salary, and he revealed that he was working for Mukul Anand’s production company on an advertising shoot. He was requested to obtain 300 pair of shoes by linking road, and he did so. Sanya also asked him to get an apple after he said that he had a strong crush on Sania Mirza at the time.

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When he tried to give an apple to Sania’s mother, his hands were shaking. Sania’s mother then chastised Varun. Sania’s mother thought he was cracked, and Varun laughed as he asked who told him to get this apple since Sania doesn’t eat it. Sania thankfully arrived before anything else could happen and informed her mother that she had requested him to acquire it. Varun ultimately received 5000 rupees for that advertising shoot. When Kriti questioned if he received 5000 rupees to buy an apple for Sania, he laughed at him.

‘Bhediya,’ directed by Amar Kaushik and set to release on November 25 in 3D, is a current hit.