Manasi Naik confirms split with husband Pardeep Kharera: This wasn’t a fairytale for me; it’s time to move on | Marathi Movie News

Manasi Naik’s marriage to boxer Pardeep Kharera has reached a new low. The pair married in January 2021, but for a long time now, they have lived separately. Manasi deleted all of Pardeep’s wedding videos and photographs from her social media a few days ago, causing many to think that the couple was splitting up.

“Yes, it is true,” Manasi said when we spoke with him. We’re no longer together. In reality, I have also filed for divorce. This is a challenging period for me, and I won’t be able to explain why we split. All I can promise is that I will emerge from this experience wiser. I’ll be able to emotionally recover at some point. Until then, I’m willing to let go of the bad things and be brave.

manasi naik split husband pardeep kharera

For me, this was a real-life fairy tale that needed to come to an end. I wish him and his family good luck. She explains, “At this time, my mental health is more important.”

“I was raised in a family where women made it happen,” Manasi said in her captions, hinting at the split on social media. One of her tweets read, “With or without a man.” Pardeep’s recent timeline, on the other hand, has included photos of him partying on the beach for a shoot and posts from his day. Pardeep also posted a cryptic message on his Insta story on Tuesday. “I don’t want to comment on this topic,” Pardeep said when we reached out to him for his perspective.

“I haven’t lost trust in love,” Manasi admitted, “but I am emotionally exhausted because I have always believed in love.” I still do, but I’ll never be able to trust anyone again. I don’t want to go through another stressful time with me and my family. As a result, I am focusing all of my attention on my job right now.”